About Us

Who are we from lordsmobiletips community?

We are Lords Mobile fans, who play this beautiful strategy game for years. We think that this game – Lords Mobile is more than a game. It is place where you can spend your time to make friends, to improve your imagination and learn how to make proper, strategic decisions.

Lords Mobile Tips team will make a lot of guides. Here we will try to reveal all the secrets of this wonderful game to you, our community members and fans of Lords Mobile.

Lords Mobile Tips team will try to make a real Lord in this game. We will give you all the knowledge we have from playing this game. There are forums online, but we found out that there aren`t enough tutorials about this strategy video game, so we formed this gaming community. That won`t be easy, but our members are passionate players, and they will give their best to make those guides, to give you free tips and make you a better player.

If you love Lords Mobile, you will love this website, for sure.