Lords Mobile Guide For Beginners

Lords Mobile is one of the top grossing apps (strategy game) on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play. There are more than 65 million players around the world and minute by minute those numbers keep growing. Even though the games` introduction is very good, it doesn’t really tell you what you should build, how you should set your talent points. That Lords Mobile guide that`s in the game doesn`t have all the things about your heroes and so on. This article is here to help you guys, so-called noobs, to catch on the game faster.

Lords Mobile Guide

After you successfully joined the guild, the first thing you should know is that your troops won’t be dead if your food reaches zero. For that reason, you don’t have to build more than one Farm.

You would be asked to build the second one for some kind of quest in the beginning but as soon as you build it you should demolish it. The same goes for the Barracks. So only one farm and only one Barracks is needed. All the other resource production buildings (Mines, Lumber Mills, Quarries) you should build more than one. Your turf will get bigger and you will have more space for buildings after you win Skirmish battles. That being said, after you win all those Skirmishes you should build 9 Manors and 6 Infirmaries Manors are very important since they produce gold and they are increasing your troops training speed and Infirmaries job is to take care of your wounded troops.

What about my troops?

This is a war game so you should get used to constant attacks especially when you are a low level and don’t have many troops or high might. There is a way for you to save your troops and don’t get your leader captured and it’s called Shelter. You should shelter your troops along with your leader all the time. You can set sheltering for the max of 12h. If you forgot to shelter your troops and you got attacked while you were offline, not all of your troops would end up dead. The certain number of them will end up in your infirmaries but you will need resources to heal them if you want to have them on your disposal again. So don’t forget to shelter! You should also check your Vault to see how much of your resources will be saved in a case of attack and try to keep your resources under that level so you won’t lose anything.

In the beginning, you will level up pretty fast and each time you do that you will earn a certain number of talent points. With the talent points you can improve almost every aspect of the game but as a beginner, you should focus on maxing Construction speed and Research. These will make sure that your building projects and research will finish much faster. Set the bare minimum of points on the previous stuff such as Food production and Stone production. You don’t need to max them because they are not important to you in this early stage of the game.

The most important tips in Lords Mobile

Probably the most important part of the game is your academy research. It gives you a lot of, so called, real might and helps you in every aspect of the game. Since you are a beginner you should focus your research on Monster hunt and Economy. You and your guild-mates will benefit from it since monsters are really generous with gifts and economy helps you with more production and construction speed. You will need heroes if you want to hunt monsters and once you unlock the new ones you should talk with your experienced guild-mates which heroes you should choose for the certain monster.

Another important part of the game – your heroes. You will start with one or two of them but you will eventually get more. If you successfully pass the Normal stage you will get a new hero. This thing is really easy and you will figure it out on your own in no time.

Besides the Normal stages, there are also the Elite stages. You should pass the Elite stages with all of your heroes alive so you can get 3 crowns. If you do that then you can get medals for new heroes by sweeping the Elite stages. You should use sweep on those heroes you don’t possess.

Heroes are important for monster hunt and arena (Colosseum) so you need to level them up and enhance them whenever you can. It’s really not that important in the early game which hero you will choose for your leader but as you progress at one point you should check their individual abilities so you can choose the one you need in the certain moment.

With the leader also comes the equipment. You shouldn’t forge any kind of equipment until you reach level 40 since all the equipment beneath that level is trash and you will just waste your materials.

This beginners guide is only the beginning. You can expect some more on our Lords Mobile Tips website soon! Cheers!

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hey!! thanks allot for the info. can u put up some info about what heroes are good for what monsters please????? i had sopme but need more!!!!


can u do normal please?

Nasir Uddin
Nasir Uddin

What is the hero combination and tips for hero stage 5-12? I got stacked there. I used Soul Forger/Death knight/Child of light, prima donna, Tracker, black crow & scarlet bolt.