Lords Mobile Best Heroes Guide

There are many different heroes in Lords Mobile game and each one of them is offering different abilities, skills, and boosts. We can`t say that the Lords Mobile best heroes exist like that, but there are heroes that are the best for particular occasions.

In the beginning, it may be hard and even confusing for you to comprehend all their abilities and uses. But, in this guide, we are going to explain everything about heroes. The list of all the heroes in the game and their types and archetypes, their battle and hero skills, way to upgrade them and to provide you with general tips to use them more efficiently.

Hero Types

As a free to play (F2P) player, the max number of heroes you can have is 20 plus 2 you can achieve through Hell events. Each one of them has its own skills and their own specific benefits. Each hero belongs to one of the 4 troop types, Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, and Siege Engine.

All heroes can be unlocked in the hero stages that can be accessed via the Golden Hero Statue when you enter your Turf.

Every single Hero has a number of Battle and Hero Skills.

Battle Skills, like their name, says have the effect on your own or enemy troops during the battle (keep in mind that there are also non-combat Battle Skills, like Construction Speed and Research speed boosts).

Hero Skills have an effect on your heroes like damage they can cause and that kind of stuff.

Both types of skills can be unlocked either by upgrading your hero’s rank or leveling up. Battle Skills can be unlocked by improving your hero’s rank and Hero Skills can be unlocked and improved with a higher XP level.

Hero Stages

The Hero Stages can be accessed via the Golden Statue when you enter your Turf. There are 2 difficulty levels – Normal and Elite, each one with 8 chapters and each chapter has 18 stages. You need to finish the Normal stages of a chapter before you can access the Elite stages of the same chapter. And also you can’t skip chapters so you will have to complete the current one before you can move on to the next one.

It’s recommendable to clear the stages with a perfect score (with all your heroes alive) which will be shown with 3 golden crowns. Once you do that you can come back any time for that particular stage and sweep it which will automatically give you materials, XP and medals for certain heroes. When you click on a stage you can select the blue or red button on the right side if you want to Sweep through the stage. The blue button will do 1 sweep and the red can do max 10 sweeps. It all depends on your current STA level since 1 sweep cost 6 STA (Normal Stages) or 12 and 16 STA (Elite Stages).

The amount of entries per day you can do on the Elite Stages is limited and is specified by your VIP Level. You may notice that there is also a limit to the max number of the Braveheart you can use daily which is also specified by your VIP level. You can buy Braveheart for 2000 gems and there is no limit in the amount you can buy as long as you have gems. Maybe all of this is a bit confusing but the bottom line is you can have as many Braveheart as you can buy but the amount you can use daily is limited so is the number of entries on the Elite Stages.

hero stages guide

Unlocking Heroes

Heroes can be unlocked in the hero Elite stages by acquiring 10 medals and by finishing a whole chapter of a Normal stage. Once you perfectly clear a certain stage you’ll be able to sweep that stage and to collect medals (3-4 medals per 10x sweep). You can find the unlocked heroes in the Heroes menu (the little Helmet in your menu bar at the right bottom corner of the screen) in the second tab with the question mark on it.

Upgrading the XP Level of a Hero

Upgrading the hero’s XP level is the easiest part about heroes. There are numerous ways to do that. Every time you send your heroes to the battle or to the hero stages they gain a certain amount of XP. You can also feed your heroes with the XP items (XP button at the bottom of the screen in the hero menu) which you can acquire by sweeping through hero stages as said before.

Increasing your hero’s XP it will increase their hero attributes and it will also improve the Hero Skills effect.

One more thing. Your hero XP level can’t surpass the XP player level so if you are level 45 that’s the limit of your hero’s XP level as well.

Increasing the Rank of your Heroes

Increasing the rank of the hero is a little bit harder than increasing their XP. Each hero has 6 available materials/trophy slots and you need to fill all 6 of them to upgrade the hero’s rank. These materials can be acquired in the Hero stages. By clicking on a material slot, then clicking on the How to Get button you can get an overview of the stages where that material can be acquired.

Once you achieve rank 4 and rank 7 you will unlock the new Hero skills and Battle Skills.

increasing the rank of your heroes - lords mobile best heroes guide

Increasing the Grade of your Heroes

The most difficult thing about heroes is increasing their Grade. There are 5 Grades, each represented by one color: Grey, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Like we said before, to unlock a hero you need 10 medals and he will automatically have the grey frame. If you want to change his grade to green you will be needing 20 medals. Blue requires 50 medals, purple 100 medals and the Gold one requires 150 medals.

You should focus on specific heroes for increasing their grade (MH heroes, colosseum heroes, etc.). Click on a hero you want to upgrade and right next to the medals count you will see a little hand which is essentially how to get the button and voila you are one click away from a sweep button. Like we said, increasing the Grade is not an easy task, but it is essential for your hero progress as it increases the Battle Skills effects.

That’s all folks. I hope this article will help you in the future. If you think we skipped something or we made a mistake please don’t bother to let us know.

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