Lords Mobile Familiars – Buildings Setup Guide

Welcome to Lords Mobile Familiars Building Guide by LMT community!

Once you unlock the snowy part of your turf (clearing Skirmish 8) you will be able to build some new buildings such as Monsterhold, Mystic Spire, Gym and Spring. Each one of them is important in their own way.

Familiars Buildings


Monsterhold is the main building among the rest because you can’t upgrade others if you don’t upgrade Monsterhold first. It doesn’t do anything special, it’s just a place where you can enhance your familiars to the next growth stage (there are 3 growth stages for each Familiars – Hatchling, Adult, Elder) and to increase their skills.


Mystic Spire

Next in line is the Mystic Spire. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say it’s the most important building here. This building allows you to merge Pacts and Skillstones which are essential for Familiars. Pacts can be used to summon Familiars but note that duplicate Familiars will turn into Runes which you need to collect in a certain amount if you want to enhance your Familiar to the next growth stage.

mystic spire

Runes and Familiars have the same relationship as Medals and Heroes. Besides the runes of the familiars, Pacts can give you some Fragments as well. You should only use Fragments to increase Familiars skills and not the Runes. The higher the level of a Mystic Spire the more Pacts you can make so you see why this particular building is important.

The Gym

The Gym is the place where you can train your Familiars so they can level up. Each Familiar can go up to max level 60 but note that they can’t go beyond your own level (see again how there’s a correlation between Familiars and Heroes).

Leveling up your Familiars is kind of a requirement for enhancing and upgrading their skills. Gym gives you one training spot, meaning that you can only train one Familiar at the time. Building another Gym will provide you a second training spot. By upgrading the Gym your Familiars will get more EXP from training.

Your own Heroes are trainers and they provide an extra EXP so if you have two Gyms and two spots you can choose whether you want all your Heroes to train one Familiar or you want to split them so that you can train two familiars at once.

lords mobile gym


Spring is the last one in line. They affect Anima production rate and storage but more importantly, they are boosting merging speed. When you upgrade or build more of them all these boosts will increase too.


Familiars building setup conclusion

Since you are having a limited number of spots where you can build these buildings you are probably wondering how many of each building should you build. One thing we can tell you for sure is that you’ll be needing only one Monsterhold and two Gyms and all the rest depends on your gaming style and habits.

If you are spending more time on the game, then you can boost your merging speed by building 5 Springs and 1 Mystic Spire or you could do it another way around but our recommendation would be to balance those two and build 3 Mystic Spires and 3 Springs. We found this setup the most effective.

You should take into account that there’s certain equipment that can give you more merging speed boosts and more EXP. You can find it in Workshop and most of it you can forge and upgrade by Voodoo Shamans drops, minerals, logs and lava muds which you can get by gathering resources and killing Voodoo Shamans.

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