Lords Mobile Familiars Guide

Since you came here you probably want to know more about familiars, what is their purpose and how to train and upgrade them. We see familiars as some kind of pets because they are very useful and they make playing Lords Mobile a bit easier.

They will give you a lot of different boosts, resources, gems, holy stars and more. But not all familiars are worth time and resources spent on them. This guide will help you on which familiars you should focus on, and which buildings you should build if you want to progress and use familiars to their full extent.

The first thing you need to know is that upgrading Familiars takes time so you have to be very patient (or spend a monthly salary and buy an account with upgraded Familiars). You are getting new Familiars by merging different Pacts in the Mystic Spire. More about Mystic Spire and all the other Familiar buildings you can find in our article…

Things you should know about Pacts and Lords Mobile Familiars?

There are 6 different Pacts each providing new Familiars with various skills.

  • Pact 1A
  • Pact 1B
  • Pact 2A
  • Pact 2B
  • Pact 3
  • Pact 4

Almost every Familiar has active and passive skills. Each skill has 10 levels in total which can be upgraded with Fragments. But upgrading skills is tied with Familiars growth stage and his exp level. You won’t be able to upgrade level 10 skill unless your Familiar is not on the Elder stage and level 60. For that feat you’ll be needing a lot of Runes and exp points you’ll be getting from merging Pacts and Gym training. That’s why I said building Familiars takes time.

Pact 1A

Now, let’s talk about Pacts and start with Pact 1A. There are 5 Familiars in total in this Pact (Territe, Oakroot, Magmalord, Engineer and Jaziek) but the only one worthy of mentioning is Territe since the other ones are pretty much useless unless you are Stone, Wood or Ore hyper.

territe lords mobile

His passive skill will boost your merging speed from starting 4% to the max of 20% on level 10.

His active skill, however, will grant you a lot of Fragments and I’ sure you’ve realized how much are they important.

As we said, other Familiars from this Pact are useless… They only have passive skills which will boost your Stone, Wood, Ore, and Gold production.

Pact 1B

Pact 1B has 5 Familiars (Aquiris, Terraspike, Gnome, Beastmaster, and Yeti) but similar to Pact 1A only one Familiar is worth mentioning and that’s Aquiris. The other 4 are good for Food/Gold production and supply travel speed and gathering speed.

aquiris lords mobile familiar

Aquiris’s passive skill will increase your Anima production but more importantly, his active skill will give you 60-120 STA every 12 hours when you increase this skill on level 10. STA, as you know is stamina needed to clear stages and upgrade your Heroes that’s why this Familiar’s skill is great.

The most interesting Lords Mobile Pacts 2A and 2B

Now things are getting interesting because we will talk about Pact 2A and Pact 2B.

Let’s start with Pact 2A and Familiars such as Tempestite, Evil Weevil, Strix, Totempest and Sorcerer.

Tempestite is probably the most important one in this group because his skill is really awesome. He has 2 passive and 1 active skill. His first passive skill is Wall def boost and the second one is Energy Regain Speed boost starting from 3% on level 1 to 10% on level 10. His active skill is the cool one since it’s giving 20000 tier 1 troops randomly every 3 days.

Tempestite Lords Mobile Familiars

Others Familiars from this group can be very handy too. We have Evil Weevil and his active skill which will grant you all the resources you can produce in 4 hours, then we have Totempest and his Cargo ship refreshing and of course Sorcerer and his skill which can instantly finish an ongoing transmutation. Strix has an interesting skill that can come in handy when you go all war in later stages of your game since she can reduce execution wait time up to 6 hours when it’s maxed.

sorcerer lords mobile strategy game

Pact 2B has some good Familiars as well. There are Pyris, Bouldur, Krabby, Bonehead, and Harpy.

Pyris should be the leader of the group and the one with the most useful skills but our opinion is that he’s a bit overrated. His main skill, the one that kills 7500 to 12500 of your enemy’s troops (Once you upgrade this skill to level 10) is not as good as it sounds.

pyris lords mobile

You can’t kill more than 5% of his total army and it targets the lower tiers first so if you, for example, attack someone with millions of troops with this skill you really think he’ll even notice this “loss”? On the other hand, if you attack someone with a small number of troops there’s a chance you won’t be able to kill more than 1000 of his troops because of that, 5% of all troops, rule. All in all, we really think it’s a waste of time upgrading this Familiar to his max level.

Pact 3

Pact 3 is our next topic. It takes a lot of researches and time spent to unlock Pact 3 but we must say it’s totally worth it. It has 7 Familiars in total – Gryphon, Noceros, Gemming Gremlin, Goblin, Trickstar, Magus and Mole Shaman.

Gryphon is the hardest one to upgrade to the max level but his skills are great. His first passive skill, on level 10, will increase your allied max size by 50k. That will sure come in handy when you rally some strong players. His second skill will boost your training speed by 5% which is, in my opinion, really low considering how hard is to get to that 5 %, so it would be fair if it was atleast 10% but who am I to judge.

gryphon lords mobile familiar

And finally, we came to Gryphon’s third skill. This skill, when activated, will recall all your troops within 6 seconds. You are probably thinking “Whaaattt?”. This isn’t that great at all, but imagine you have over a million t3 or, even better, t4 troops and you send them away (gather, reinforce, garnison) and someone decides to attack you thinking your shield is down and you are sleeping and all of your resources are just waiting for someone to get them. He decides it’s safe to attack, sends his troops on you but you activate this skill and all the sudden bammm..he lost his leader and lots of his troops. Among the Lords mobile fans, this is called the Gryphon trap and it represents a really effective way to get lots of kills.

Next thing you see is you in front of your phone smiling and telling yourself “I was wrong. This skill is awesome, I’m going to screw them all”.

Next in line come Noceros and his 3 skills. First skill will increase your army capacity up to 35% which is pretty cool if you ask me. The second skill will boost your Cavalry attack by 10% which can be very handy once you focus on war and battles. His third skill, when maxed, will complete 5 gathers right away which I see useful when you need resources in some particular moment and you don’t want to take them from your bag.

noceros lords mobile familiar

Gemming Gremlin is our third Familiar here and he’s not that great if you ask me. His first skill increases your construction speed by 5% which is lame. His second skill increases your gem gathering speed by 10% – also lame. But his third skill is good since it’s giving 1000-2000 gems every 2 days and you all know how important gems are. A Goblin comes next and he’s one of my favorite Familiars. His first skill increases gathering speed by an impressive 25%. His second skill will boost your gold production by 35% but the most amazing skill is the third one since it’s giving you 6-12 million gold every 2 days and believe me when I tell you gold is essential for unlocking t4 and to make t4 troops as well not mention all those researches which require tons and tons of gold. You’ll see for yourself once you get there.

gemming gremlin lords mobile

Trickstar is definitely our favorite in this group. His first skill boost your research speed by humbly 5% and his second skill boost your Range attack by 10% which is a very good percentage. Finally, his third skill grants you Holy stars every second day. It will give you 3 random holy star items (x10, x1000 or x10000) which you can use in Labyrinth to win resources, rare materials, energy, and gems (by countering the Labyrinth boss). Magus is the next Familiar we will talk about mostly because of his third skill

Trickstar Lords Mobile Familiar

Magus’s first skill will increase the number of pacts you can merge from starting +1 to max +5 pacts. His second skill isn’t that good as it only increases your Altar stat boost duration by 360 minutes but his third skill will fill your research bar for ongoing research which is very handy when you are chasing research Hell event or 24 Challenge event. Last but not least the Mole Shaman. His first skill will increase your infirmary capacity up to 5%. His second skill is really good since it’s giving Infantry ATK (+10% at lvl60)

magus lords mobile familiar

Pact 4

Pact 4 is a story for itself. It’s insanely hard to unlock it and the very small amount of players actually managed to do that. Once we collect the necessary intel about it we’ll surely inform you.

Until then we hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you understand a little more about Familiars and their purpose. Soon there will be some great articles, tutorials for Lords Mobile beginners, but also for some more experienced players.

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