Lords Mobile Hero Stages Tips And Tricks

Hero stages are one of the most important aspects of the game. Through them, you can achieve heroes which is one of the main goals of the game since all that heroes are giving the very needing boosts.

Let`s Start Lords Mobile Hero Stages Guide

First of all, to enter the Hero Stages and to complete a certain stage you’ll be needing stamina (STA). Max stamina at the beginning is 120 but you can increase that number by doing research at the academy later. There are 2 difficulty levels at the Hero Stages: Normal and Elite, each consisting of 8 chapters.

Each Normal chapter consists of 18 stages but Elite chapters are a little bit different.

In Elite stages, you are doing every third stage so you could say that each Elite chapter has 6 stages. To clear the chapter and move to another one you must first clear the stages. It’s recommended to clear stages with a perfect score with all your heroes alive so you can get 3 crowns and sweep through that stages again when the times come.

lords mobile hero stages normal
lords mobile hero stages sc1

There is no ultimate hero composition which can be used in every stage but a good team is generally composed of 1 tank (heroes with golden fist icon by their image), 1 healer and 2 or 3 stunners and damage makers.

At the very beginning, the Oath Keeper is inevitable as the tank so you should you use him for that purpose but only until you unlock the Child of light. That happens when you clear Elite chapter 4-15 with a perfect score (3 crowns needed so you could use sweep and gain medals for unlocking heroes). Child of light will be your first choice for the Tank position after you obtain her. She is tough and can use some kind of shield to shield the hero with the lowest HP at the moment and her special skill can stun everyone in a very large area.

For healer position, your number 1 choice with no doubts should be Prima Donna. She can take a punch but not as hard as Child of light or Oath Keeper but her main purpose is to heal everyone in your team so she is a must have the hero and can be obtained in chapter 1 for free.

The following 3 positions in your team should be filled with Tracker, Black Crow, and Incinerator. Tracker has the highest single target damage in the game. Besides that, she can also stun enemies and she is really amazing. She can be obtained once you clear the Elite chapter 2-15. Black Crow is a hero with one of the highest physical damage in the game. With her around the enemies are exposed to constant heavy fire. She can be obtained once you clear the Elite chapter 1-18. The incinerator has great magical damage over time and she can also stun enemies. That feat is making her very valuable for Hero Stages, Colosseum and Monster hunt and on top of that, she can be obtained once you clear Elite chapter 1-12. You’ll notice how the fiercest heroes are females. Add Rose Knight there and you’ll have the most badass squad in the game and there the people like to say how women are weaker gender.

lordsmobile hero stages

As you can see those 3 have a good combination of stun and damage making skills but some other heroes like Trickster and Damon Slayer could be a good substitution. Damon Slayer is a master of sneaking behind enemies and killing them silently so you should definitely consider him for some tricky stages when that kind of skill is necessary.

What`s the Hero Stages main goal?

Your main goal of doing the Hero Stages should be unlocking Rose Knight at the Elite chapter 6-12. She is without the doubt the best F2P hero in the game and she is crucial in wars and battles because of hers army boosts and let’s face it Lords Mobile is all about wars so she is the ultimate goal of every F2P player. Once you obtain her you should work on your heroes, upgrading their ranks and frames.

You should clear Normal stages with no problem you should just check the level of the main boss on a particular stage and compare it with your own level. Once your own level is close or the same as the level of the boss you shouldn’t have any problems in clearing the stage. The same goes for Elite stages except there you must strategize a little.

How to clear Elite 6-6 Hero Stage?

I’ll show you how to clear Elite 6-6 with a perfect score. First of all, you’ll be needing a rank 7 on your heroes and since the boss is level 54 that same level is recommendable. The frame is not that important but it won’t be bad if it’s green or blue but rank 7 is required.

The following line up was shown as best through many tries and fails Child of Light, Prima Donna, Death Knight, Tracker, and Damon Slayer. This stage requires heroes that they can take a punch and there’s no one better in that than Child of Light and Death Knight. You should use their stun skills wisely.

When the enemy is about to use their special skill that’s the moment when you fire your stun skill and by doing so you’ll negate his special power and you should bring him down easily after that. Prima Donna is there to heal everyone and you’ll be using her often, especially in part 1 of the stage 6-6. Tracker is invaluable as a damage dealer and you should use her special move on the enemies that can heal. Before you start you should check info about the enemies and see which ones are healers so you would know to eliminate them first. They can be seen through all 3 parts of this stage but those nasty beast are particularly persistent in parts 2 and 3.

Damon slayer is going to sneak behind the enemy’s lines and he’ll strike them from behind. By doing so he’ll distract them and take part of enemy’s fire allowing your damage dealers to be more efficient.

Soon there will be some more…

We are going to cover almost every single stage no matter how difficult it is. But, if you are having troubles with some particular one then write in the comments and we will do that one in no time. I hope this article will help you progress faster in the game and make you a badass player.

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