Lords Mobile Monster Hunt – Ultimate Guide!

What is Monster Hunt in Lords Mobile?

In this game that is basically about destroying the opponent`s armies and castles, there is a thing called – Monster Hunt. You are probably wondering what is Monter Hunt and why is it so important in Lords Mobile?

Monster Hunt is without any doubt one of the most important parts of every Free To Play player of LordsMobile. As you know F2P players don`t want to give any money for this game. So, those gifts they get from monsters are a precondition to make a powerful account.

Energy and heroes are essential for hunting the Lords Mobile Monsters. As you probably know, by the time your energy will recover, and the recovering speed is correlated with many different factors. Those factors are player level, level of Monster Hunt research (energy regaining speed), specific Familiar boosts, etc.

There is also a way to add the energy, without any waiting – from your bag, or if you buy it with gems.

Lords Mobile Heroes for Monster Hunt

Before we mention the heroes we use for the Monster Hunt, let`s mention that there are two groups of monsters. The first group of monsters is weak against Magical heroes and the second is weak against Physical heroes.

The first group (weak against magic):

  • Saberfang
  • Gargantua
  • Noceros
  • Mega Maggot
  • Mecha Trojan
  • Jade Wyrm
  • Tidal Titan
  • Hardrox

The second group (weak against physical attacks):

  • Grim Reaper
  • Queen Bee
  • Snow Beast
  • Terrorthorn
  • Blackwing
  • Frostwing
  • Hell Drider
  • Bon Appeti
  • Gryphon
  • Voodoo Shaman

In the image below you can check out which hero line-ups should be used for each monster:

hero line-ups lords mobile monster hunt guide
Hero Line-Ups for Monster Hunt

Side Note: Voodoo Shaman and Hardrox are not present on the image, but the general rules are applicable for both heroes. Hardrox – Magical Heroes, Voodoo Shaman – Physical heroes.

When you get the gifts (rewards) in Monster Hunt?

There are two different situations where you get those presents from monsters:

  • After you hit the monster
  • After you kill the monster

With every hit, you will get a reward in the form of materials, resources, or speed-ups, etc. The drop rate will be shown in the image below:

After you kill a monster you will be rewarded with loot. But you aren`t the only one who is going to be rewarded with loot, your whole guild will get the reward. Every monster killed by one of the guild`s members will end up in the “Guild`s gift box”.

You probably came to the conclusion that the more monsters you and your guildmates kill, the more gifts you will collect. Thus, each member will get more speed-ups, resources, gems, etc.

Are all monsters equal?

You need to know that the monster level differs from level 1 to level 5.

Level 1 monster is marked as [Common], level 2 as [Uncommon], level 3 as [Rare], level 4 as [Epic], and level 5 as [Legendary].

It is logically that the level 1 monster is the easiest to kill, and the gift you will get by killing this monster will be less quality than the gift you get by killing the monster level 5.

But, it is much harder to kill the level 5 monster, and trying this will burn you more energy.

According to the monster`s level, there are distinct drop rates. Drop rates are presented on the image below:

Monster Hunt Research and Gear

Monster Hunt research is the best way to maximize your damage rate and decrease energy consumption.

There is a whole section in the Academy called – The Monster Hunt and this should be on your top priorities list.

The many Monster Hunt research you make, the more damage you will do, and the less energy you will consume. Also, you will get faster (the trip to the monster and back will be shorter).

Another way to improve the things we mentioned is Monster Hunt gear. In most cases, this gear can be forged and enhanced by using the materials you will get by spending the real money. There are particular cases where you can get those materials in “slayer’s chests”, as a reward in a Guild Fest event.

Hint: Pay attention to a Guild Fest rewards, because maybe slayer chests are waiting there for you!

Final words

If you love our Lords Mobile tips and tricks, share this post, or comment it below. If you have some tricks you use in your Lords Mobile Monster Hunt, feel free to inform us.

If you prefer watching videos instead of reading, maybe you will find this one interesting:


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