Lords Mobile Prison, Altar, and Battle Hall

Let`s spend some time to explain three very important buildings in Lords Mobile. They aren`t so important at the beginning of your journey in term of boost they give, but they mean a lot at the late stages when you would like to upgrade Academy to 25 lvl so you could continue your researches. A requirement to build the lvl 25 Academy is to have a Prison, Altar and Battle Hall at the lvl 25.

Except for the basic resources (stone, wood, ore, and food) for upgrading these buildings you will need certain materials like War Tomes (Battle Hall), Steel Cuffs (Prison), and Soul Crystal (Altar). Something that makes this feat hard to achieve is the fact that these materials can only be bought using gems. Yes, you can get them as gifts from the Guild Fest. But, the fact is that the number of materials you can get that way is not enough for upgrading the mentioned buildings.

Overall you would need 20k of War Tomes, Steel Cuffs, and Soul Crystals with the price of 10k gems per 1k of that kind of material. So, you will need about 200k gems for every building or 600k gems in total. Try not to spend gems on anything else like speed-ups, but to save them for these buildings.

lords mobile prison, altar and battle hall requierements

About Lords Mobile Prison

As the Lords Mobile game explains to us, the prison lets you capture enemy Leaders with lvl 10+ Castles. So all those noobs (pardon us if you are under lvl 10) under lvl 10 are safe. At the early stages, we don`t recommend you to spend too much time on that, until you get these 3 mentioned structures at the lvl 25.

Capturing prisoners is something positive, it gives you attack boosts. But there is a catch! You can hold your prisoners only for a certain amount of time. All the info about that time is in the image below. It depends on your prison`s level, of course.

lords mobile prison lvl 1st
lords mobile prison lvl 2nd
lords mobile prison lvl 3rd

When you upgrade your prison to level 17 you will be able to build the Altar. That gives you the opportunity to execute your prisoners. Isn`t that awesome?

More about the Altar

The Altar is the place where you sacrifice/execute enemies.

As we said before, as long you don`t get the 17th lvl of your Prison, you can`t execute the prisoners you hold. Executing prisoners gives you tremendous army boosts that last 24h, but can be extended by capturing more prisoners. By upgrading Altar to a higher lvl you will upgrade those boosts. So, the higher the Altar`s lvl and more prisoners you execute the more boosts you will have and the boost duration will be extended.

Lords Mobile Battle Hall

The last but not the least, Battle Hall. By upgrading it the max number of troops in the Coalition Army is increasing. So, the higher the level of the Battle Hall the more troops can join your rally either you start a rally on Darknest or a rally on the other player.

You should know that whoever is a rally leader his stats and boost will apply to the whole Coalition army. And one more thing. When you max your Battle Hall to level 25 you will get an extra 10% Coalition army ATK.

After all, you should know is that those three buildings are pretty important. We know many players that got stuck at the lvl 24 of Academy. Why? Because they spent all the gems on stuff that aren`t important as prison, altar and battle hall.

Feel free to comment on this blog, to share your opinion with us. Play Lords Mobile and play it with a smile on your face if you listen to our Lords Mobile tips!

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