Lords Mobile Treasure Trove – Everything You Need To Know

You probably know that the gems are a very important part of your Lords Mobile journey. With gems, you can buy almost everything in this game, starting with resources, speed-ups, shields to the more complex things like migration scrolls, relocators, talent reset, energy, etc.

But wait, what is a Treasure Trove?

Treasure Trove is one of the buildings you can unlock on your turf. Once you complete skirmish 8 and reach castle level 17, you will be able to unlock it and use it.

Lords mobile Treasure Trove
Lords mobile Treasure Trove

How does Treasure Trove work?

Like in a real-life, when you put money in your savings account, you can put gems in your Treasure Trove. Over a period of time, you will get what you invested plus interest.

For example – If you invest 10 000 gems and an interest rate for 30 days period is 20%, after 30 days you will get 12 000 gems (10 000 you invested + 2 000 gems as interest). This is just a simple example of how interest rates work, so don`t take these numbers seriously. In the next few paragraphs, you will find some actual examples of Lords Mobile Treasure Trove.

In Lords Mobile, Treasure Trove max level is 9 with a max deposit of 20 000 gems and an 85% Basic interest (plus 20% bonus interest). As you know Basic interest is always the same, while the bonus interest rate is increasing by leveling up the Treasure Trove.

There are 3 choices to make when you invest gems in Treasure Trove. You can choose the wanted period for the payout. Those periods are: 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days long.

Hint: Always choose 30 days period, because then the bonus interest rate is the highest. Meaning, you will get the maximum gems in the payout. It is always better to choose 30 days period than to choose 7 days period 5 times. Do the math and you will see why.

For more information about 30 days investing period check out the table below:

LevelMax DepositInterest Rate’(85% Base)Max Payout ‘(Deposit+Interest)Max Profit
110,250+0% (bonus interest)18,9628,712
210,500+1% (bonus interest) 19,5309,030
311,000+2% (bonus interest) 20,5709,570
412,000+3% (bonus interest) 22,56010,560
513,000+4% (bonus interest) 24,57011,570
614,000+5% (bonus interest) 26,60012,600
715,000+7% (bonus interest) 28,80013,800
816,000+12% (bonus interest) 31,52015,520
920,000+20% (bonus interest) 41,00021,000

e.g. If your Treasure Trove is lvl 6 you can invest max of 14 000 gems (or less) and in 30 days you will get 26 600 gems (14 000 deposit + 12 600 interest).

The max amount of deposit you can invest can be increased through the research in the Academy. You find this research in the section – Army Leadership and Military Command. By finishing each of those researches your max deposit limit will be increased by 10k.

How to upgrade Treasure Trove in Lords Mobile?

To upgrade this building, you would have to buy specific materials (just like in the case of Battle Hall, Altar and Prison). To get those materials named Crystal pickaxes you will have to spend some gems.

How many gems do you need for 1000 Crystal pickaxes?

To be exact, you will need 14 000 gems for 1000 Crystal pickaxes. Overall you will need 5k Crystal pickaxes to upgrade your Treasure Trove from level 1 to level 9, or 70 000 gems.

pickaxes lords mobile
Crystal pickaxes in Lords Mobile

Don`t get discouraged to improve your TT, as you can get Crystal pickaxes as a part of Guild Fest rewards. But, it is true that the main part of it will be paid by gems. In a few months, this kind of investment will be beneficial for you. So, our sincere recommendation is to spend gems to upgrade Treasure Trove before upgrading the Battle Hall, Altar, and Prison.

We hope this Treasure Trove Lords Mobile guide helped you and you will stay with us, as there will be some more LM content! Cheers!

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