Lords Mobile Wall Defense Guide

Let`s build the wall! That`s something you hear about all the time in Lords Mobile. We have our aspect on that. After we played this game for years. We will prove them wrong, the wall isn`t something we crave for. Welcome to the Lords Mobile wall defense guide.

Lords Mobile Wall Defense – Useless or Useful?

The first thing you should know – doing researches for strengthening your wall is pretty much useless. Especially in the early stages of the game. We would even recommend you to avoid those researches until you get T4 troops unless you are a trap account.

You can skip this tip (that rhymes lol) and you can try to upgrade the wall you have. But, if you don`t have a big army to defend yourself, the mere wall is just for show. For example, if you have an army that counts less than 2 million T3 troops upgrading wall defense is almost useless. Even if you have more than that the wall defense won`t guarantee you success.

You still want that wall defense?!

If you still choose to ignore our tips and start doing researches for wall under the section “defense” in “Academy” you should know several things. You need to research a couple of trap researches. Those researches count Trap Crafting 1, Spikes, Archer Tower, Spike Boulders, Trap Defense 1, Trap Power 1, Trap Durability 1, and then you will get to the Wall Strength upgrade. You should also know that as many traps you make them last as long your defense wall lasts. So you can build trillions of them, they will bring you nothing if your wall is weak.

lords mobile wall defense academy
lords mobile wall defense defense

That`s not all folks. There is one more thing about lords mobile wall defense. There are heroes that are aiding your wall defense with their boosts. The number of heroes you can deploy on the wall depends on the castle and the castle wall level. The maximum number of heroes you can station on the wall is 5. So you should choose those Lords Mobile heroes wisely. They should have boosts for the wall and traps either the boosts for the army.

You can also station Familiars on your wall too. To do that you will have to conduct Familiar Station slots research. Stationing Familiars to your wall is a new option, and their skills are different. Their powers will become handy in defending your turf.

heroes and familiars on wall
Heroes and Familiars on Wall

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